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International Women’s Day Celebrations at Next Education


Next Education marked International Women’s Day with an event to highlight the importance of women’s health. The event was held post-lunch, during which several women-centric activities were organised.

Men on Women’s Day

Doing their bit, the male employees greeted  all women employees of Next Education with yellow roses in the morning.  They also wore badges with quotes and slogans to highlight the rarely discussed topics related to prejudices and discrimination against women. Some of the slogans read — Smash the Patriarchy;  Hear Her Roar;  Grrrl Power;  Say No to Sexism; Her Work is as Good as His; She Deserves a Promotion too; Her Life,  Her Choice; Say Yes to Girl Child Education; Say No to Dowry;  Riot, Not Diet.

Women’s Health is Important

Next Education is committed to encouraging female employees to discuss their troubles and concerns. A health talk was organised for all the women employees at the cafeteria.  Dr. Shubhkarman Kaur, an eminent physiotherapist associated with Omini Hospital, briefed the employees on the importance of maintaining the correct postures while working. She also demonstrated some basic exercises and stretches that can be done at the desk itself.  It was followed by a zumba session conducted by Mr Sandeep, a famous zumba trainer.

The event was aimed at promoting health awareness among women, since their nutrition and health demands are different and should be given sufficient attention and care.

Years of prejudices still mar women’s empowerment. So, we need to celebrate Women’s Day  to be aware  of the struggles faced by the women around us and give them the courage and strength to strive on.


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