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Next EducationJune 24, 2014


Aditi Kumar, an English teacher at Secunderabad Public School, is a veteran teacher with 19 years of experience behind her; this means 19 years of grooming. Yet she speaks with an enthusiasm that is sure to rub off on students every time she enters a classroom. One guesses she not only got better with her art every year but also got more enthusiastic with every new batch of young students. She coaches Class X.

Next EducationJune 19, 2014


Managing between studying, sports and other co-curricular activities seem to be a cupcake for some students. One of the toppers of Secunderabad Public School, Hyderabad, Sailab Swarnim of class X who is also heavily into various sports like Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball, Table Tennis and Badminton speaks with Next Gurukul about his techniques for multitasking and how he copes-up when stressed out.