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Tips to create passionate students


Is it possible for a passionate teacher to get his/her students to be passionate as well? It is commonly believed that passionate teachers can easily create passionate students. However, it is not always true. Many passionate teachers face great difficulties in arousing their students’ interest in the subjects taught by them. The following tips may come in handy for such teachers.

  • Infuse passion into your teaching: To get your students to be passionate, you should first infuse passion into your teaching. It will be quite inspiring as well as motivating for students to learn from someone who has an abiding passion for the subject. So, show your passion while teaching. Believe me, it will work.
  • Exemplify passionate learning: Exemplify passionate learning. If you think, work or explore something new or interesting, share your experience with your students. Make sure that the interaction between you and your students is not only confined into the four walls of your classroom, instead take it beyond that. Encourage your students to apply what you are teaching to real life.
  • Set goals and recognize achievers: Set academic goals for your students to achieve and recognize (or even reward) those who achieve those goals. The goal-setting method helps in instilling in students a consuming passion for learning, which ultimately propels them to success.

It is quite difficult for teachers to arouse passion in students for every subject; however, it is not unachievable. With the right teaching strategies, a teacher can make laudable efforts to turn his/her entire class passionate.

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