Keep Your Calm in The Exams


Being calm on the day of the exam as well as during the exam is important to score well. Keeping your mind steady and the heart rate normal will help you focus on your exam, leaving no room for panic. It is true that many times, students tend to forget what they have learnt during exams because of panic.

While going for an exam, make sure that you carry all materials required. Stop revising just before the exam. You have done what you could in the time available till now. Turning pages till the last minute will not help at all. You have done your job well; now let your efforts pay.

When you enter the examination hall, take a deep breath, find your place and get seated to wait till the examiner gives out the question paper. Once you get it, go through instructions and the entire question paper carefully. Till you wait for the answer sheet, frame answers in your mind.

Utilize every minute you have in the examination hall. For instance, if it’s English exam, you may ask to write an essay or comprehension or picture composition. While waiting for answer sheets, you may decide the topic and draw an outline of the same in your mind.

Never let your nervousness dominate you. An examination is nothing to be scared of. It’s simply like pouring out all what you have learnt on answer sheets.

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Rashmi Kaushal Baveja

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