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Next EducationApril 21, 2015


Virtual classrooms have already gained ground in the Indian education sector. Thanks to the ‘Digital India’ initiative taken by the incumbent government, these new-age classrooms are expected to take a new leap in terms of their expansion and popularity. Benefits associated with these classrooms are the driving force behind their growing popularity across the country. These benefits are not only enabling students to enhance their learning experience but ...

Next EducationDecember 19, 2014


Is it possible for a passionate teacher to get his/her students to be passionate as well? It is commonly believed that passionate teachers can easily create passionate students. However, it is not always true. Many passionate teachers face great difficulties in arousing their students’ interest in the subjects taught by them. The following tips may come in handy for such teachers.

  • Infuse passion into your teaching: To get your student...

Next EducationDecember 15, 2014


Creating a positive classroom climate is an important aspect of classroom management. Interestingly, the term ‘classroom climate’ is something more than the physical environment of a classroom. It refers to the process that helps in developing a psychological framework for all types of learning activities happening in the classroom.

When it comes to successful classroom-based learning, the importance of the classroom climate cannot be overlooked. Studies ...

Next EducationDecember 12, 2014


Engaging students in the teaching-learning process is an important aspect of classroom management. However, it is a daunting task for any teacher. Indeed, if you want to make your students understand what you are teaching, you should first make them listen to you.

The following strategies will equip you better to engage your students in the classroom.

  • Real-life lessons: Students tend to know how the topic/subject being taught in ...

Next EducationNovember 11, 2014


Managing a noisy classroom is one of the biggest challenges to teachers. No doubt, noisy students are a major deterrent to teaching/learning. At times, these students spoil other well-behaved students in the class. Therefore, being a teacher, you should address this issue before it goes beyond control.

The following tips will pave your way.

  • Being a teacher, you should always speak in a soft voice in the classroom. Avoid talking loud or shouting a...

Next EducationOctober 20, 2014


Dealing with talkative students is a cumbersome task for any teacher. Such students never stay quiet during the class and make the whole class noisy. No doubt, a noisy class is a big deterrent to the teaching-learning process.

Here are some ideas that teachers can consider while handling noisy students in the classroom.

  • Yelling and punishment are common methods of dealing with talkative students. However, both these are short-term methods and lea...