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Next EducationNovember 20, 2014


Like adults, school goers also suffer from various psychological problems. These problems can be severe or minor; can be ephemeral or long-lasting. Psychological difficulties have a negative impact on school children, regardless of their types and severity. Poor academic performance, poor peer and teacher relationships, attention difficulty, loss of interest in study or other activities, low motivation are some common consequences of these difficulties. If not addre...

Dheeraj MehrotraJune 28, 2014


Do you have a student in your class who often complains of aches and wants to leave early? Do you have to deal with this little student who is hypersensitive and often cries out of hurt feelings? If these incidents are frequent, then don’t ignore them.

Symptoms of depression in kids are often different from those in adolescents. Adolescents often make self-deprecating comments that are typical of low self-este...