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Next EducationApril 22, 2015


‘Digital classrooms’ refer to the classrooms wherein conventional teaching is aided by technology-based learning. The popularity of these classrooms is growing fast in schools across India. A large number of private schools have already made the switch, either fully or partially, by adopting the digital classroom system. However, a huge majority is yet to make the change. The number of schools is so huge that the segment is expected to grow at a rate of almost 1...

Next EducationApril 4, 2015


Thanks to the extensive use of technologies in education, it is quite clear that our education sector is on the highway of modernization. High-end technologies and multimedia-driven content have transformed the sector significantly. With this wind of change, teaching and learning methods and styles have undergone a sea change in many schools across the country.

The latest entrant to the technology-based education sector is cloud technology, which has brought ...

Next EducationMarch 19, 2015


A child’s curiosity can be described as a combination of complex thoughts and an intense desire to know more about anything and everything unknown. Today, when children are taught to learn through technologies, colorful and pictorial content makes them understand better, which, in turn, leads to an increase in their level of curiosity.

Studies have revealed that when a child is curious, there is a sharp rise in his/her desired level of knowledge with ju...

Next EducationMarch 16, 2015


Education is one of the vital aspects of every society. However, with time, the traditional way and look of schools and classrooms are changing, as they are going digital. Children nowadays are tech-savvy and therefore, digital classrooms are considered a potent tool of teaching and learning.

With smart classrooms being implemented across the country, they have proven to be beneficial in many ways:

Encouragement and energy

With ...

Next EducationFebruary 7, 2015


By Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra

Teaching in schools should deliver ‘Ideas worth spreading like a virus’; however, with inspiration instead of sneezing! For teachers to be on the same page with their students in the class, they should go to their students’ wavelength, instead of expecting the opposite.

Quality education is reflected through the implementation of quality infrastructure in the learning area. Parents are; therefore, advised to make ...

Next EducationJanuary 29, 2015


The transition from the traditional chalk-and-talk method to digital education has begun in India. However, we still have a long way to go. Undoubtedly, this transformation does happen overnight; not even over months. Instead, it will take several years and a lot of concerted, dedicated and sincere effort to realize the full potential of digital learning in the country.

The first need is the intent itself to change over to digital education, along with a spec...

Next EducationJanuary 20, 2015


Technology is not only transforming the face of education but also the roles of students and teachers. With the changing environment in schools, we look forward to a higher and better understanding among learners. In fact, technology-based education is expected to re-place (not replace) the role of teachers soon. It is true that digital learning enables students to understand any concept/subject/topic deeply and better; however, it is only through a teacher that the...

Next EducationJanuary 5, 2015


Digital education has brought a fundamental change to the teaching/learning process. It has added a creative streak to the way lessons are taught in the classrooms. Time and again, it has been proved that students–irrespective of their level of meritocracy–learn better in digital classrooms. They get a better understanding of difficult concepts as they learn through visual learning strategies. This also enables them to get more exposure to modern technol...

Next EducationDecember 12, 2014


In today’s world, technology has become an integral part of our daily life. It has brought a revolutionary change to every sector, with education being no exception. Technological advancements are benefiting not only students by providing cutting-edge learning solutions but also teachers by providing them with better teaching tools and schools by creating a better teaching and learning environment.

Even at the elementary level, technology-based education is...

Next EducationNovember 11, 2014


The classroom-based teaching and learning process has undergone a sea change, thanks to new-age digital classrooms. Be it enhancing the quality of education, improving students’ learning ability or exposing students to world-class education, these cutting-edge classrooms are heralded as a major breakthrough in school education. Further, in the digital classroom setting, students can easily manage the pace of their learning and explore several learning paths.