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Next EducationFebruary 7, 2015


By Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra

Teaching in schools should deliver ‘Ideas worth spreading like a virus’; however, with inspiration instead of sneezing! For teachers to be on the same page with their students in the class, they should go to their students’ wavelength, instead of expecting the opposite.

Quality education is reflected through the implementation of quality infrastructure in the learning area. Parents are; therefore, advised to make ...

Next EducationDecember 26, 2014


Most of the teachers are nowadays quite adept at using technology. They have started using technology as an effective teaching tool in the classroom. One benefit that they derive from it is that tech-enabled teaching tools helps them manage their time in the classroom better. They have also realized that digital educational technology helps in improving learning outcomes in the class, as it empowers them with a large number of tools and a lot of flexibility in plann...