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Next EducationFebruary 27, 2015


Gone are the days when extracurricular activities at schools only meant dance, music and painting. Even as certain schools have geared up to make their students more artistically inclined to art forms such as these, extracurricular activities have gone hi-tech in a few other schools these days. Students now want to create robots and make them dance to their tunes right in their classrooms!

Robotics is no more restricted to defense and science labs. They are n...

Next EducationJanuary 29, 2015


“I hear and I forget

I see and I remember

I do and I understand”

– Chinese proverb

Some time back, I was teaching my nephew a geometric problem based on cubes and cuboid. Although he is a fairly bright boy, he found it difficult to understand and solve the problem following his usual way of solving on his notebook. So, I asked him to get a small cardbo...

Next EducationJanuary 7, 2015


A common debate, in both the academic and business circles, is about the value of formal business education in comparison with that of real-world experience. While there are both staunch supporters and detractors of B-school education, the positive value-add that work experience brings for any professional is well acknowledged by all. The significance of first-hand business experience is something that even the most meticulously crafted theoretical models in busines...

Next EducationJanuary 2, 2015


When it comes to early learning and early schooling, parents may consider the Montessori method, as the techniques used in the method are well-researched. The following are some benefits associated with Montessori schooling:

Focus is on the key developmental stages

The Montessori method focuses on the main developmental stages in a child between 3-5 years. It is possible to inculcate  language,  large muscle skills, and fine motor sk...

Next EducationDecember 26, 2014


India has the potential to emerge as an economic superpower only if its youth are nurtured to their full potential. It can be achieved in several ways, with a well-developed and systematic science education program being an important one.

Science education, comprising robotics and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) learning, can produce an impressive number of researchers who can steer the country ahead with innovations and achievements....

Next EducationNovember 11, 2014


The teacher plays a significant role in unleashing the creative potential of students. Many people overlook the importance of creativity in the teaching/learning process. However, several researches have revealed that nurturing students’ creativity always has a positive impact on their academic performance. Let us see why creativity is important in teaching and learning.

  • Creativity enables students to express themselves in a better way, thereby improv...

Next EducationOctober 14, 2014


The term, ‘science,’ refers to a wide range of subjects comprising human body, plants and animals, the universe, weather, just to name a few. Teachers play a significant role in encouraging students to explore various branches of science. Teachers are the ones who introduce their students to different scientific concepts and instil love for science in them. Gone are the days when teaching science was done in the traditional chalk-and-talk classroom setti...