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Next EducationMarch 3, 2015


Teachers teach students. However, does it go the other way round, too? Do teachers learn from students? Here are opinions from some teachers:

“Don’t try to fix the students; we need to fix ourselves first. A good teacher makes the poor student good and the good student better. Our students’ failure is our failure.”

Teachers are defined as a role model, a path to enlightenment, and the embodiment of knowledge. Someone you bow to just as you ...

Next EducationFebruary 7, 2015


Conceptual learning, also known as concept learning, refers to a learning method through which, students are trained to classify and organize information according to their mental logical structures. This method puts equal emphasis on the construction and acquisition of knowledge.

The construction of knowledge enables a student to depend on what is familiar to him/her or what he/she has experienced to comprehend any other subject matter. On the other hand, th...

Next EducationFebruary 7, 2015


Perhaps the first experimentation in India’s education sector happened with the foundation of ‘Visva Bharati’ by Rabindranath Tagore. The university has mentored some great minds like Indira Gandhi, Amartya Sen, just to name a few.

However, there are some newer experiments (although western) like Waldorf and Montessori in India at the school level. The purpose of education is much more than grooming students with survival skills. If you want the child t...

Next EducationFebruary 7, 2015


Toddlers’ proficiency in fine motor skills holds the key to success in their future life. Fine motor skills refer to the appropriate use of hands. A kid’s hand should be firm and well-coordinated so that he/she can hold a pen/pencil properly for long and write or draw something. This is where the importance of developing fine motor skills comes into play. Apart from learning, these skills enable kids to perform various day-to-day tasks, including zipping...

Next EducationJanuary 29, 2015


The system of education in India is gradually changing. From being primarily focused on exams and marks, it is now getting focused also on creativity critical thinking, and life skills. This shift has come from the realization that memorization should not be mistaken for learning. What you learn by rote today, you tend to forget it tomorrow. For example, some forget the method to calculate square root, others can’t calculate LCM, GCM, and HCF. This is because they...

Next EducationJanuary 9, 2015


India boasts of its education system and it has created necessary infrastructure, such as constructing buildings, hiring teachers, and so on, to support the system. With a reasonably sound system in place, educators feel that it is now time to bring a shift in focus from the system to learning. How can this shift be achieved? Educationalists feel that the first reform that needs to be brought is to align the curriculum and textbooks with students’ ability in p...

Next EducationJanuary 5, 2015


Over the years, learning has evolved to help people understand better and remember longer. The following are various steps of learning evolution.

Learning by hearing: Ancient India had the Gurukul system, where lessons were spoken by the Guru and students learned by listening.

Learning by seeing, hearing, and doing: In the traditional setting, schools use a combination of lectures and textbooks. Students learn by liste...

Next EducationJanuary 5, 2015


Digital education has brought a fundamental change to the teaching/learning process. It has added a creative streak to the way lessons are taught in the classrooms. Time and again, it has been proved that students–irrespective of their level of meritocracy–learn better in digital classrooms. They get a better understanding of difficult concepts as they learn through visual learning strategies. This also enables them to get more exposure to modern technol...

Next EducationDecember 20, 2014


Students should be encouraged to enjoy the process of learning. If this happens, they will not only learn better but will also be able to overcome their exam fear. It is; therefore, the responsibility of all stakeholders—including parents, teachers, and school managements—to make the learning process interesting, engaging, and interactive.

Children should never consider learning a burden. Instead, they should be encouraged to take it up as a fun experienc...

Next EducationSeptember 8, 2014


For any parents, home preschooling is challenging yet rewarding. Nevertheless, parents should not forget that discipline is an essential prerequisite for effective teaching and learning. So, be disciplined first and then plunge into the excitement called preschooling.

Indeed, preschoolers are quite curious about their surrounding world. Therefore, hands-on learning is the most effective way to teach them new things. Being parents, try to channelize your kids&...