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Next EducationJanuary 9, 2015


Problem Solving Assessment (PSA) is an examination designed by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for students in Classes IX and XI. The objective of this test is to evaluate some important life skills, including creative thinking, critical thinking, communication, and decision making, of students so that they can succeed in their life. Further, it is possible to gauge students’ ability to process, comprehend, and utilize information through the test. Ult...

Next EducationJanuary 2, 2015


More and more schools are exploring the advantages of eLearning and embracing digital education. Modern education goes beyond the classroom, and indeed, all borders and boundaries. With the introduction of digital learning tools, education has become an exciting, interactive, and engaging journey of discovery. Digital teaching tools equip teachers better by providing them with end-to-end technology and school support services. Interactive learning, on the other han...

Next EducationDecember 19, 2014


In today’s technically evolving world, various life skills—such as problem solving, decision making, critical thinking—are gaining importance. Project-based learning plays a crucial role in honing up these skills. Project-based learning—an innovative teaching method—enables students to gain knowledge and hone up various skills, as students can solve several real-life problems and complex questions while working on projects.

Benefits of proje...

Next EducationOctober 1, 2014


Life skills refer to a set of behaviors required for managing our personal as well as professional lives in a better way. According to the World Health Organization, life skills are “the abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life.” On the other hand, UNICEF, in its definition of life skills, has mentioned “a behavior change or behavior development appro...

Next EducationAugust 26, 2014


By Dr. C G Nagaraja

Every school intends to produce studious, hard-working and intelligent students so that they score well in examinations and increase the prestige of the school, thereby building up a brand. In this race of covering syllabus and preparing students for examinations, schools, teachers and parents often overlook a few things.

In my opinion, some essential skills should be integrated into the school curriculum. At least, top 5 life skill...

Sapna AgarwalJune 30, 2014


According to Piaget, there are four stages for cognitive development in children. These include Sensory Motor Stage, which occurs in the first two years of birth; Pre-Operational Stage, which occurs in the 2 to 7 age group; Concrete Operational Stage, occurring in children aged between 7 and 11; and Formal Operations Stage, occurring in adolescents (11-16 or above).

Sensory Motor Skills

During the development of sensory motor skills...

M V LokanadhamJune 21, 2014


Your child may have a lot to offer this world but may struggle with his/her day-to-day activities. He or she may be quite talented but may be scattered, not knowing how to handle people and affairs of daily life. He may be a good sportsman but may lack the discipline to be on time for practice every day or may lack the skill to gel with a team mate. These are times when you know that inculcating life skills in your child is vital.

Sapna AgarwalJune 6, 2014


Life skills prepare children for the life ahead. These skills are spread across various aspects of daily life. If you start focusing on your child’s life skills, it won’t be a culture shock for him or her once he/she moves out of home for work or studies. Read on.