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Next EducationJanuary 29, 2015


A common water cooler chat for parents who have school-going children is the steep school fees they’re paying for their child’s education. Apparently some ‘elite’ schools charge a fee that is close to the salary of a mid-level executive. But that doesn’t deter most parents from aspiring for such schools, because when it comes to their child’s education, they want nothing but the best (at least what is perceived as ‘the best’). Most of these conce...

Next EducationSeptember 13, 2014


Yelling is considered common practice in parenting. Be it gaining control over your kids, venting your anger, or just making your point (s) loud and clear, you may find shouting at kids quite normal. However, what you think is a far cry from the ground reality. A study has revealed that yelling causes more harm than any goods. According to the study, harsh verbal expressions, including yelling, result in adolescent depression, leaving an adverse impact on adolescent...