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Team NextEducationJanuary 9, 2012


INDIA HAS offered to help build one of the world’s most advanced optical telescopes. The Bengaluru-based Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA) has sent a letter of interest stating that it wants to become a partner in the team that will build the Thirty-Metre Telescope (TMT) in California, US. According to IIA Director Prof. Siraj Hasan, TMT is a next-generation astronomical observatory that would operate from Hawaii. It would be among the three mega optical tele...

Team NextEducationJanuary 7, 2012


IN WHAT COULD be a major breakthrough for medical research, scientists have merged cells from six different embryos to create the world’s first mixed-embryo monkeys. The feat was achieved when scientists at the Oregon National Primate Research Centre at the Oregon Health and Science University in the United States mixed cells from early stage embryos of rhesus monkeys to form a whole animal along with life-sustaining tissues. According to lead researcher Shoukhrat...