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Next EducationMarch 4, 2015


In the competitive world, it is necessary for students to study hard and score well in examinations. However, another equally important factor is study break. Many students believe that studying continuously for long would be rewarding. However, it is not true.

The catch here is that “the more you study, the higher your score will be” is nothing but a myth. If you study for long without any study breaks, you end up performing poorly or not as expe...

Next EducationJune 16, 2014


Many students try to take in the most in the last few days before their exams. However, last-minute preparation is not considered good. In fact right before the exam, it is extremely important for you to relax your mind and body and most importantly, say ‘No’ to tension. If your mind is not fresh but burdened with tension and fear, you may forget answers or even panic during exams.

Devote eno...