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Next EducationFebruary 7, 2015


Conceptual learning, also known as concept learning, refers to a learning method through which, students are trained to classify and organize information according to their mental logical structures. This method puts equal emphasis on the construction and acquisition of knowledge.

The construction of knowledge enables a student to depend on what is familiar to him/her or what he/she has experienced to comprehend any other subject matter. On the other hand, th...

Next EducationFebruary 7, 2015


By Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra

Teaching in schools should deliver ‘Ideas worth spreading like a virus’; however, with inspiration instead of sneezing! For teachers to be on the same page with their students in the class, they should go to their students’ wavelength, instead of expecting the opposite.

Quality education is reflected through the implementation of quality infrastructure in the learning area. Parents are; therefore, advised to make ...

Next EducationFebruary 7, 2015


Perhaps the first experimentation in India’s education sector happened with the foundation of ‘Visva Bharati’ by Rabindranath Tagore. The university has mentored some great minds like Indira Gandhi, Amartya Sen, just to name a few.

However, there are some newer experiments (although western) like Waldorf and Montessori in India at the school level. The purpose of education is much more than grooming students with survival skills. If you want the child t...

Next EducationSeptember 8, 2014


It is important for a new teacher to develop his/her own teaching style. Although there may not be any difference in the basic teaching methodology, teaching styles should be unique and vary from one teacher to another. Especially when it comes to managing pupils, a teacher needs to follow his/her individual style.

If you are a new teacher, the following suggestions will help you develop your teaching style.

Review Yourself: Your first...

Next EducationJuly 18, 2014


Gone are the days when teachers used to say that a child comes to a teacher as a clean slate. Media exposure to the little mind is beyond words. Parents proudly say that their little one can play games on the mobile and the computer, and can use the paint brush, or draw on iPads or smart phones. “Techno toddlers,” thus, are more adapted to technology than educators or teachers. Thanks to the love of working parents to keep their child engaged in a meaningful act...

Sapna AgarwalJuly 18, 2014


You may know what keeps students attentive and yearning for more learning in a classroom. However, dealing with autistic children is a whole new ballgame. Use the following pointers to create an autism-friendly environment in your classroom:

1. Put a system in place

Children with autism perform and grow well in a structured environment. Establish a routine and keep it as consistent as possible. It is better to maintain a proper routine...

M V LokanadhamJuly 3, 2014


As soon as your little one steps into a school, you have a dozen expectations from teachers who are going to be spending more time with your children than you are. However, there are some things teachers expect from you. Some may be too polite to spell these out; however, it’s worth getting a sneak peak into them.

Dheeraj MehrotraJune 7, 2014


In any school, its educational faculty—more clearly, its teachers—hold utmost importance. If an institution makes significant investments in its teaching faculty, it promises to yield high returns, along with an improved teaching and learning environment.
A good faculty culture is an essential factor in ensuring that an effective and efficient teaching-learning process is followed in the school. It is quite true that not only its teaching faculty’s compe...