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Next EducationFebruary 7, 2015


By Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra

Right from the time you enter the classroom and the time you leave the school building, students tend to observe you and emulate you wittingly or unwittingly. So, you have to look out for a few mistakes that you must avoid in order to be a model for them:

Having a negative vibe: When teachers get grumpy and give out stern directions, it puts students off. Even an ominous tone can be considered as threa...

Next EducationDecember 19, 2014


For any teacher, a lesson plan works as a blueprint of what to be taught and how to be taught in the class. However, it is important for you to identify learning objectives before planning the lesson. Once learning objectives are identified, it will be easier for you to develop proper learning activities and strategies to make the teaching/learning process effective.

An effective lesson plan comprises some components and sub-components. These are as follows:<...

Next EducationDecember 12, 2014


Engaging students in the teaching-learning process is an important aspect of classroom management. However, it is a daunting task for any teacher. Indeed, if you want to make your students understand what you are teaching, you should first make them listen to you.

The following strategies will equip you better to engage your students in the classroom.

  • Real-life lessons: Students tend to know how the topic/subject being taught in ...

Next EducationDecember 12, 2014


At times, many teachers need to cancel their classes because of various reasons, such as illness, urgent administrative responsibilities, important meetings and so on. Such cancellations result in teachers falling behind their class schedule. Therefore, it is important for them to look for different methods that will help in covering the syllabus outside of the class.

The following tips will pave the way for teachers to make up for lost time in their teaching...

Rashmi Kaushal BavejaOctober 20, 2014


Let us start with the question-what does it take to make learning effective? Undoubtedly, it is effective teaching. A master of the subject—who is full of knowledge, well equipped, informed and updated on the subject, with expertise—is the one meant to teach effectively. However, is it enough to have a master prop on the podium and deliver the sermons for learning effectiveness? Indeed, subject matter competency alone cannot ensure effective learning. Thus, teac...