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Next EducationAugust 26, 2014


By Dr. C G Nagaraja

Every school intends to produce studious, hard-working and intelligent students so that they score well in examinations and increase the prestige of the school, thereby building up a brand. In this race of covering syllabus and preparing students for examinations, schools, teachers and parents often overlook a few things.

In my opinion, some essential skills should be integrated into the school curriculum. At least, top 5 life skill...

Next EducationAugust 13, 2014


Time management during examinations plays a crucial role. No matter how well-prepared you are, all your hard work and efforts will go in vain if you are incapable of managing your time properly during exams.

Consider the following tips if you want to know more about effective time management during exams.

  • Reach the exam center well in advance and take your seat.
  • After receiving the question paper, glance at it.
  • Shortlist the que...



Being calm on the day of the exam as well as during the exam is important to score well. Keeping your mind steady and the heart rate normal will help you focus on your exam, leaving no room for panic. It is true that many times, students tend to forget what they have learnt during exams because of panic.

While going for an exam, make sure that you carry all materials required. Stop revising just before the exam....

Next EducationJune 16, 2014


Many students try to take in the most in the last few days before their exams. However, last-minute preparation is not considered good. In fact right before the exam, it is extremely important for you to relax your mind and body and most importantly, say ‘No’ to tension. If your mind is not fresh but burdened with tension and fear, you may forget answers or even panic during exams.

Devote eno...