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NextTools Undergoes a Revamp


NextTools was conceptualised as a universal toolset that can be used by teachers to teach different concepts with ease, using graphical simulations.


The new version of NextTools is characterized with improved features, filling the identified gaps in the old version. It provides students with opportunities to practice the concepts taught in school and deepen their understanding of new knowledge. It can also be accessed on different platforms, such as the Web and hand-held devices.


The design of the new version is in-line with the modern practices of software design, making the experience user-friendly across different platforms. We also collaborated with various open source tool developers to add more tools to our arsenal and bring the best educational technology to teachers and students.


The revamped version of NextTools is now available over the Web and handheld devices, along with the our flagship product TeachNext. Its new walk-through system is likely to help users get acquainted with individual tools in a matter of minutes. With an array of tools covering different subjects, NextTools is one of its kind in making learning and teaching experience memorable.

– Written by Arindam Nath, Project Manager, Next Education

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