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Keeping The Same Order As The Question Paper: How Important Is It?


During exams in spite of knowing all answers well, we often find ourselves in a fix as we cannot decide which ones to answer first. The problem arises when we tend to mix sections and respective questions and answers.

When it comes to selecting questions, make sure that you select the ones you are absolutely sure of and want to answer first on the question paper. The next step would be to check the section where you have marked the maximum questions you would wish to answer first.

Though you can start with answering any section in the question paper, it is advisable that you always go with the first section first. This is because if you pick up any other section, the examiner checking your answer sheet might get the impression that you are unsure of other sections.

Adequately, while giving exams, one should always answer the questions as they come in the question paper, as changing the order might not leave a good impression on the examiner. However, as it is not mandatory to follow the order, you might pick up any section first. The major thing to keep in mind is to finish every section completely before you proceed to other sections.

You should never mix sections; answer each section in one go. Mixing sections will not only confuse you while revising your answer sheet  but will also confuse the examiner.

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