arrow_back CBSE Class - 9 Science Online Practice Tests

CBSE IX Science Set - 4

Question 1

Automobiles are fitted with a device that shows the distance travelled, which is known as ____.
A) an anemometer
B) an odometer
C) a speedometer
D) a manometer

Question 2

Two bodies X and Y have masses 'm' and '2m', and the magnitude of their velocities are 'v' and '2v', respectively.

Then the ratio of the momentum of X to that of Y is ____.

A) 4 : 1
B) 1 : 4
C) 1 : 2
D) 2 : 1

Question 3

The relation between 'g' and 'G' is given by 5 .
('G' is the gravitational constant, 'M' is the mass of the planet and 'r' is distance of the observation point from the center of the planet.)

A) True
B) False

Question 4

A ball of mass 200 g falls from a height of 5 m. When it just reaches the ground, its KE is ____ J (g = 10 m/s2).
A) 10
B) 98
C) 15
D) 2

Question 5

When the same quantity of copper sulphate crystals are added, one to hot water and the other to cold water, then we observe that ____.
A) both cold and hot water dissolve in a similar fashion
B) copper sulphate dissolves faster in cold water
C) copper sulphate dissolves faster in hot water
D) copper sulphate looses its colour in hot water

Question 6

The fraction of air which is separated at -78.5 oC is ____ and it is in a ____ form.
A) nitrogen, liquid
B) oxygen, gas
C) carbon dioxide, solid
D) water vapour; liquid

Question 7

0.24 g of a compound contains 0.096 g of boron and 0.144 g of oxygen. What will be the mass percentage of oxygen in the compound?
A) 50
B) 60
C) 40
D) 30

Question 8

Continuous treatment of open drains, stagnant water, etc with insecticides will prevent mosquitoes from breeding. Which disease can be prevented by such methods?
A) Common cold
B) Malaria
C) Diabetes
D) Rabies

Question 9

The inhabited part of the earth and its atmosphere in which organisms interact together is called the ____.
A) Biome
B) Biosphere
C) Ecotone
D) Biocoenosis

Question 10

Transport of fish seed is done usually at night or early in the morning, to ____.
A) avoid temperature fluctuations
B) to avoid decrease in oxygen level
C) avoid sunlight
D) suit the convenience of the breeders.