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CBSE IX Science Set - 5

Question 1

A body starting from rest travels with uniform acceleration. If it travels 200 m in 10 s, then the value of the acceleration is ____ m/s2.
A) 8
B) 16
C) 4
D) 26


Question 2

A car of mass 1000 kg is moving with a velocity of 25 m/s. The driver applies the brakes, so that the magnitude of the braking force is 2000 N. Then, the velocity of the car at, t = 10 s is ____.
A) zero
B) 10 m/s
C) 15 m/s
D) 5 m/s

Question 3

The value of acceleration due to gravity (g) on the Earth's surface is 980 cm/s2.
The value of acceleration at a height of 64 km from the Earth's surface is ____ m/s2.

A) 10
B) 9.8
C) 9.61
D) 9.45

Question 4

A body of mass M falls from a height h1 to a height h2, above the ground (h1 > h2). Then, the change in its potential energy is given by ____.
A) Mg(h1 - h2)
B) Mg(h1 + h2)
C) Mg(h2 - h1)
D) Mg(h1 x h2)

Question 5

Which is the correct order to fill a fixed amount of water into a test tube where by the resultant volume is minimum?
A) Pebbles, water and sand
B) Pebbles, sand and water
C) Water, sand and pebbles
D) Sand, pebbles and water

Question 6

Take 3 test tubes A, B and C containing salt solution, egg albumin in water and suspension of sand in water respectively. Paste small strips of coloured paper on 1 side of each test tube. Observe the coloured paper from the other side of the test tube through the liquids one by one. Identify the correct observation out of the following.
A) Coloured paper is clearly seen in A, appears dim in B and not visible in C.
B) Coloured paper is clearly seen in B, appears dim in C and not visible in A.
C) Coloured paper is clearly seen in A, appears dim in C and not visible in B.
D) Coloured paper is clearly seen in C, appears dim in A and not visible in B.

Question 7

What is the mass of 3.011 x 1023 atoms of oxygen?
A) 8 g
B) 16 g
C) 32 g
D) 64 g

Question 8

Which of the following is false about a person who has suffered from smallpox and recovered?
A) He has now become resistant to further attacks of smallpox.
B) His body now contains memory cells for the virus of smallpox.
C) He has a great chance of further suffering from smallpox in case of an epidemic.
D) He has now got immunity against cowpox.

Question 9

Green house gases are CO2, CH4, N2O and CFC's. They are ____.
A) absorber of long wave radiations like infrared emitted from earth surface
B) transparent to solar and infrared radiations from earth
C) absorber of solar radiations that warm atmosphere
D) transparent to emissions from earth for passage into space

Question 10

The advantage of growing silver carp and common carp together in composite fish culture is that they have complementary feeding habits and do not harm each other.
A) True
B) False


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