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CBSE VI Maths Set - 4

Question 1

In which of the following situations do we use approximation?
(i) The number of people watching a particular television show.

(ii) The number of people travelling between two destinations per day.

(iii) The number of students in a class.

(iv) The number of people participating in a procession.

A) i, ii
B) ii, iii
C) iii, iv
D) i, ii, iv

Question 2

34 + 56 = 90, where 34, 56 and 90 are whole numbers, satisfies ____ property of whole numbers under addition.
A) closure
B) commutative
C) associative
D) distributive

Question 3

Every multiple of a given number is greater than or equal to the number.
A) True
B) False

Question 4

The interior of a curve together with its boundary is called its region.
A) True
B) False

Question 5

A polygon having 3 sides is called a ____.
A) pentagon
B) rectangle
C) square
D) triangle

Question 6

The sum of two integers is -401. If one of them is -90, then the other number is ____.
A) -311
B) 491
C) -491
D) -391

Question 7

Which of the given sets of fractions are like fractions?
A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 5

Question 8

The decimal form of five hundreds three tens two ones and eight tenths is ____.
A) 523.8
B) 532.8
C) 502.8
D) 538.8

Question 9

If the length of a rectangle is l and its breadth is b, then its perimeter is ____.
A) l + b
B) l + 2b
C) 2l + b
D) 2l + 2b

Question 10

A toy is placed in front of a mirror at a distance of 80 cm from it, then the reflected image is formed at a distance of ____ cm from the mirror.
A) 40
B) 80
C) 100
D) 160

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