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CBSE VI Maths Set - 6

Question 1

The estimated difference of 43,209 and 3,479 by rounding off to the nearest hundred is ____.
A) 39,700
B) 40,000
C) 39,000
D) 40,500

Question 2

A person bought 45 litres of milk in the first month, he bought 56 litres of milk in the next month, if milk costs Rs 25 per litre, then the total amount paid by him is Rs ____.
A) 2556
B) 2534
C) 2554
D) 2525

Question 3

The product of three consecutive numbers is always divisible by ____.
A) 6
B) 7
C) 10
D) 8

Question 4

____ is a polygon with the least number of sides.
A) Triangle
B) Square
C) Hexagon
D) Pentagon

Question 5

Which of the following is not a hexagon?





Question 6

The difference between two integers is 910. If one of them is 20, then the other integer is ____.
A) 840
B) 920
C) 890
D) 930

Question 7

A shopkeeper sold 56 bulbs out of 80 in the first week, and 75 out of 100 in the second week. Hence, his sales were more in the second week compared to the first week.
A) True
B) False

Question 8

"One ten, eight units, three tenths, four hundredths, seven thousandths and eight ten-thousandths".

Which of the following decimal numbers represents the above statement?

A) 18.3047
B) 18.03478
C) 18.3478
D) 18.34078

Question 9

A car travels at a speed of 'u' km/hr. It is going from Shantinagar to Shaktinagar. After the car travelled for 3 hours, Shaktinagar is still 15 km away. Therefore, the distance between Shantinagar and Shaktinagar is ____.
A) (3u + 15) km
B) 3u km
C) 15 km
D) (15u + 3) km

Question 10

Which of the following letters does not look like the same after reflected in a mirror?
A) X
B) V
C) A
D) S

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