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arrow_back CBSE Class - 6 Science Practice-Papers

CBSE VI Science Set - 1

Question 1

Which of the following is a good conductor?
A) A plastic doll
B) Wooden stick
C) A silver spoon
D) A glass vase

Question 2

Which of the following pairs consist of a conductor and an insulator of electricity?
A) Wood and wool
B) Copper and steel
C) Silver and gold
D) Silver and rubber

Question 3

Plastic, wood and bakelite are some good ____ of electricity.
A) absorbers
B) conductors
C) insulators
D) reflectors

Question 4

Electrical wires and parts of electrical appliances are covered with ____.
A) silver
B) copper
C) gold
D) plastic

Question 5

Materials, which do not allow electricity to pass through them easily, are called ____ of electricity.
A) deflectors
B) insulators
C) conductors
D) absorbers

Question 6

____ allow electric current to pass through them.
A) Absorbers
B) Insulators
C) Conductors
D) Deflectors

Question 7

Which of the following is a good conductor of electricity?
A) Glass
B) Wood
C) Copper
D) Rubber

Question 8

Which of the following is an insulator?
A) Silver
B) Iron
C) Paper
D) Brass

Question 9

Metals are ____ of electricity.
A) absorber
B) conductors
C) insulators
D) deflectors

Question 10

Switches, electrical plugs and sockets are mainly made up of conducting materials.
A) True
B) False

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