arrow_back CBSE Class - 6 Science Online Practice Tests

CBSE VI Science Set - 5

Question 1

Which of the following does not involve a combination of motions?
A) Earth
B) Pendulum
C) Bike
D) rolling ball

Question 2

The image in a pinhole camera is smaller in size than the object, whereas image formed in a plane mirror is of the same size as the object.
A) True
B) False

Question 3

The second thick wire of the filament of an electric bulb is connected to a metal tip along the ____ side of the metal cover at the base of the bulb.
A) conducting
B) insulating
C) short
D) long

Question 4

The statue of a lady on the chariot of the emperor Hoang Ti, rests in such a position that its extended arm always point towards ____ direction.
A) easy
B) west
C) north
D) south

Question 5

Chocolates, biscuits and other items are displayed in a shop in see-through containers that are made of glass or plastic. This explains the property of ____ of glass and plastic.
A) hardness
B) opaqueness
C) softness
D) transparency

Question 6

You have made four cups of instant coffee. One has one teaspoon of coffee, the second one has two, the third one has three, and last one has four teaspoons of coffee. Which is the most saturated?
A) The first cup with one teaspoon of coffee.
B) The second cup with two teaspoons of coffee.
C) The third cup with three teaspoon of coffee.
D) The fourth cup with four teaspoon of coffee.

Question 7

The cutting of cloth into the desired shape is an irreversible change.
A) True
B) False

Question 8

The nervous system coordinates the movements of our body and consists of the brain, spinal cord and ____.
A) nerves
B) blood
C) muscles
D) bones

Question 9

Suppose you accidently sit on a drawing pin. You would jump up quickly. The pricking of the pin is called the ____.
A) response
B) paining reaction
C) quick reaction
D) stimulus

Question 10

The process of getting manure from biodegradable wastes by adding earthworms is called ____.
A) vermiculture
B) horticulture
C) sericulture
D) agriculture


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