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arrow_back CBSE Class - 6 Science Practice-Papers

CBSE VI Science Set - 7

Question 1

A girl uses a worn out ruler to measure the length of a table in her room. She placed the ruler such that the mark 3.0 cm coincides with one end and the other end coincides with the mark 33.5 cm. The length of the table is ____ cm.
A) 33.5
B) 36.5
C) 33.8
D) 30.5

Question 2

An inverted image is the characteristic of a ____.
A) shadow
B) pin hole camera
C) reflected image
D) laterally inverted image

Question 3

A bulb in a closed circuit at times may not glow. Which of the following is not a cause for not glowing of the bulb ?
A) Connecting wires are made of wool.
B) Energy of the cell in the circuit is completely exhausted.
C) There may be a loose contact between the parts.
D) The bulb is not fused.

Question 4

Substances which are not attracted by a magnet are called magnetic substances.
A) True
B) False

Question 5

A thread, from which a cloth is made, is called a yarn.
A) True
B) False

Question 6

Which of the following is transparent?
A) Milk
B) Iron
C) Glass
D) Wood

Question 7

Suppose you are making some tea, and have boiled water and added tea leaves to the water. Then you realize that you cannot find the strainer. You look for a clean piece of cloth, but do not find one. What method would you like to apply for a cup of tea without leaves?
A) Sieving
B) Evaporation
C) Decantation
D) Filtration

Question 8

Burning of paper is an irreversible change.
A) True
B) False

Question 9

____ people have less fat in their body.
A) Giant
B) Thin
C) Obese
D) Dwarf

Question 10

Living beings are characterized by all except ____.
A) reproduction
B) locomotion
C) respiration
D) getting crystallized

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