arrow_back CBSE Class - 7 Science Online Practice Tests

CBSE VII Science Set - 1

Question 1

Light travels along a ____.
A) straight line
B) circular path
C) zigzag path
D) straight line for some distance and then travels in a zigzag path

Question 2

Light from a candle is not visible when it is seen through a narrow bent tube, because ____.
A) light is absorbed by the tube
B) light travels in a straight line
C) candle does not give light
D) a tube is narrow and light can't pass through it

Question 3

Which of the following changes the direction of light?
A) A board painted black
B) A black body
C) Carbon suit
D) A mirror

Question 4

The path of the light can be changed by ____.
A) a polished surface
B) a black body
C) a black surface
D) passing it through vacuum

Question 5

A mirror changes the direction of light that falls on it. This property is called ____ of light.
A) changing
B) bending
C) spreading
D) reflection

Question 6

Which of the following cannot change the direction of light?
A) A mirror
B) A shiny spoon
C) A block of wood
D) A stainless steel plate

Question 7

The surface of water can also act like a mirror and change the path of light.
A) True
B) False

Question 8

The surface of ____ acts like a mirror and can change the path of light.
A) a road
B) water
C) a black board
D) a wooden board

Question 9

Any polished or shiny surface can act as a ____.
A) mirror
B) shield
C) concave lens
D) convex lens

Question 10

When a lighted candle is placed in front of a plane mirror, you can see a similar candle placed behind the mirror. The candle that appears behind the mirror is the image of the candle formed by the mirror.
A) True
B) False