arrow_back CBSE Class - 7 Science Online Practice Tests

CBSE VII Science Set - 3

Question 1

The Boiling point of water on Fahrenheit scale is ____ °F.
A) 100
B) 80
C) 212
D) 32

Question 2

When a rubber sucker is forced against the wall, the air between the sucker and wall is forced out, creating a vacuum in between them, then the ____ pressure acting on it holds it firmly against the wall.
A) rubber
B) wall
C) atmospheric
D) hand

Question 3

Travelling at an average speed of 50 kmph, a car takes 3 hours to go from Chennai to Pondicherry. The distance between the two places is ____ km.
A) 200
B) 150
C) 100
D) 400

Question 4

In an electric circuit, current can be increased by ____.
A) adding extra wire
B) adding an extra switch
C) removing a battery
D) reducing resistance

Question 5

When a lighted candle is placed in front of a plane mirror, you can see a similar candle placed behind the mirror. The candle that appears behind the mirror is the image of the candle formed by the mirror.
A) True
B) False

Question 6

Which of the following is not a variety of processed silk?
A) Tassar
B) Crap
C) Mooga
D) Kosa

Question 7

When a few drops of phenolpthalein are added to a basic solution, its colour changes to ____.
A) red
B) orange
C) yellow
D) pink

Question 8

In budding, simple organisms reproduce by producing small outgrowths from their bodies. These outgrowths are known as ____.
A) eyes
B) axil
C) scars
D) buds

Question 9

During infection, the ____ count increases.
A) erythrocyte
B) leucocyte
C) platelet
D) haemoglobin

Question 10

Which of the following transports water and minerals from the soil to the leaves?
A) Xylem vessels
B) Sieve tubes
C) Parenchymatous cells
D) Companion cells