arrow_back CBSE Class - 7 Science Online Practice Tests

CBSE VII Science Set - 5

Question 1

On a very hot day, a girl has two choices for her dress, one lemon colour dress and another dark brown colour dress. She must wear lemon colour dress to prevent ____ of heat.
A) radiation
B) absorption
C) reflection
D) refraction

Question 2

During cyclone, if ____ protect yourself with mattress, rugs or blankets.
Anchor yourself to b fixture (such as water pipes) or get under a b table or bed.

A) the house starts to break up
B) you hear the warnings against cyclone
C) there is a b thunderstorm
D) there is a heavy rainfall

Question 3

If the speed of the object keeps on changing, the graph remains to be a straight line.
A) True
B) False

Question 4

The strength of the magnetic field produced by an electromagnet can be increased by increasing the strength of the electric current flowing through the coil of the electromagnet.
A) True
B) False

Question 5

The image of an object formed using the convex side of a steel spoon is ____ in size.
A) erect and smaller
B) inverted and larger
C) inverted and smaller
D) erect and larger

Question 6

The coarse beard hair of sheep is used to make wool fibres.
A) True
B) False

Question 7

The reason for the release of sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide into the atmosphere is mainly due to excessive combustion of ____.
A) coke
B) kerosene
C) wood
D) petroleum and coal

Question 8

Which of the following is not a characteristic of a physical change?
A) It is reversible.
B) A change in the colour takes place.
C) Heat is evolved or absorbed.
D) A new substance is formed.

Question 9

During exhalation, the space inside the chest cavity decreases to ____.
A) take air into the heart
B) force air out of heart
C) force air out of the lungs
D) take air into the lungs

Question 10

____ is the loss of water from leaves and other aerial parts of the plants during the day.
A) Evaporation
B) Transpiration
C) Guttation
D) Translocation