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NCERT Textbooks

NCERT textbooks are recommended by CBSE and many other state boards. These textbooks published by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) are used in many CBSE-affiliated schools. This is because NCERT textbooks provide a concise and comprehensive discussion of lessons. Further, the questions of CBSE board exams, in class 10 and 12, are modelled on the questions in these textbooks.

Schools might find it difficult to look for NCERT textbooks online. Also, the quality of the textbooks which might be available might not be of a superior quality. Students and teachers might find it difficult to read the text; images in such books might also be blurred. Hence, on NextGurukul, we have good quality e-books of NCERT textbooks for classes 6-12. The books are available for all subjects and can be accessed for free.

To help students further with their learning and exam preparation, we have NCERT solutions in the form of videos. On NextGurukul, students can also find:

  • Sample and practice papers
  • Board exam papers
  • Olympiad papers
  • Summary of concepts
  • Tips and tricks
  • Informative articles
  • News relevant to the school sector

Detailed NCERT syllabus for classes 6-12 can be found on our website. To find subject and class-wise detailed NCERT syllabus visit link.

NCERT Solutions

We also provide NCERT Solutions in the form of videos to all the questions provided in NCERT textbooks. These solutions are available for Maths and Science.

The NCERT questions become extremely important because many of the CBSE board exam questions are related to these questions. Also the questions of competitive examinations like NEET and JEE are modelled on the NCERT questions. Hence, detailed and reliable solutions to NCERT questions are important for students learning a particular chapter, preparing for exams or seeking help with homework.

Benefits of NCERT Textbooks and Solutions Provided by NextGurukul

  • Superior quality NCERT ebooks which can be accessed for free
  • Answers to all NCERT questions are provided by a panel of qualified and experienced teachers.
  • Video explanations to engage students better
  • Platform for asking doubts related to any subject, in addition to the solutions already provided

NextBooks for an Enhanced Learning Experience

Students and teachers can also explore the Maths and Science textbooks offered by Next Education. The content of these books is carefully-crafted and care is taken that every concept is explained through real-life examples. A variety of questions and activities are also mentioned in these books to help students develop a perfect understanding of what they learn.


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