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Mohammed answered 3 year(s) , 6 month(s) ago

Difference between between reported speech and indirect speech?

There is no difference between reported speech and indirect speech.Both are same

Asked by Amol

Jun 25

  • 4 Answers
Ravi answered 4 year(s) , 1 month(s) ago

What happens to the tense when the direct changes to indirect? Answer in brief. Along with the students it would be better if the Learnnext..

Normally, the tense in reported speech is one tense back in time from the tense in direct speech:

She said, "I am very busy now."

She said/told that she was very busy then


Asked by Manal

Feb 27

  • 1 Answer
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Ravi answered 4 year(s) , 6 month(s) ago

Direct and Indirect Speech

The beggar said/told that poverty was a great curse.(INDIECT SPEECH)

The teacher said to me,"Why were you absent yesterday?."(DIRECT SPEECH)

Asked by Jitin

Sep 23

  • 1 Answer
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Swetha answered 4 year(s) , 10 month(s) ago

When there is no change of tense in the reported speech?Pls answer

If reporting verb is in the present tense, we don't need to change the tense,
We just put 'he says' and then the sentence:

  • Direct speech: “I like ice cream”.
  • Reported speech: he <

Asked by Amol

May 20

  • 1 Answer
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Raj asked 3 year(s) , 1 month(s) ago


No answers yet.Be the first to answer

Asked by Raj

Feb 14

  • 0 Answer
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Ravi answered 4 year(s) , 10 month(s) ago

Rules for chaning pronouns

Rules for chaning pronoun from direct to indirect speech:
First person pronouns in the direct speech change according to the subject of the reporting verb in the indirect speech....

Asked by Amol

May 28

  • 1 Answer
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Ravi answered 4 year(s) , 10 month(s) ago

Why does xpression of time chnges in indirect speech

While changing from direct speech to indirect speech there is change in the expression of time because it is reported after some time.The time taken to report may vary depending on the context and the person wh...

Asked by Amol

May 31

  • 1 Answer
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Ajadeep Sai answered 4 year(s) , 10 month(s) ago

How many types of speech?

Direct and indirect speech

Asked by Amol

Jun 3

  • 3 Answers
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Syeda answered 1 year(s) , 10 month(s) ago

The boy said," he didn't hit Ramesh"


The boy said that he did not hit Ramesh.       

Asked by Ishmeet

Aug 3

  • 3 Answers
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Ishan answered 2 year(s) , 1 month(s) ago

direct and indirect speech

Direct and indirect speech can be a source of confusion for English learners. Let's first define the terms, then look at how to talk about what someone said, and how to convert speech from direct to indirect


Asked by Deep

Mar 10

  • 1 Answer
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Ravi answered 4 year(s) , 1 month(s) ago

Is Direct Speech another name for Active Voice and vice versa?

Both the topics are entirely different in context and usage. Why don't you go through the detail explanation available in the study material?  Please feel free to ask doubts if any after going through it. We wi...

Asked by Manal

Feb 22

  • 2 Answers
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Ravi answered 4 year(s) , 8 month(s) ago

Correct this sentence.

I asked him how far it was from the railway  station.(Indirect Speech)

Asked by Amol

Jun 25

  • 5 Answers
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Anusha answered 1 year(s) , 2 month(s) ago

how to convert the sentence this glass contains water into passove voice

Water is contained in this glass

Asked by Anjana a

Jan 7

  • 1 Answer
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