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Next time you have a doubt while studying, you know where to go. By simply posting your questions on Question & Answer Forum, you can have them answered by academic experts. You can also find related videos and explanations for better understanding.

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Syeda answered 1 year(s) , 5 month(s) ago

i want a speech for my ASL on 7th October . can you please send me a 5 min speech on the topic Environment

Speech is designed to prepare and assess you on many aspects. Refer some books and websites to prepare speech on your own..

With preparation and your teacher help you would do well with the spee...

Asked by Anuj

Oct 4

  • 8 Answers
Siddharudh answered 3 year(s) , 5 month(s) ago

please help me!!!!!!!!!!!! I want an anchoring (comparing) for the School assembly....Will you please send one

keep your friends for anchoring

Asked by Anuj

Nov 5

  • 1 Answer
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Anuj commented 4 year(s) , 2 month(s) ago

please give some points on the topic : CCE v/s Board Exams.

You should be able to find the differentiation of these terms on the internet. Type these terms and you are sure to find what you want.

Asked by Anuj

Nov 8

  • 1 Answer
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Agam answered 1 year(s) , 2 month(s) ago

Which chemical process is used for obtaining a metal from its oxide

Depends upon reactivity series of metals say moderately reactive metals ;after converting into metal oxides by the processes like calcination and roasting. Then these metal oxides are converted into metals by r...

Asked by Mohanlal

Jun 15

  • 3 Answers
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Rohit answered 3 year(s) , 11 month(s) ago

Where in a magnet is its strength maximum

At the Poles

  • 1 Answer
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Anuj commented 3 year(s) , 11 month(s) ago

please urgently sent me an essay on the topic : "Need for Vocational Education" Word Limit : 2-3 pages

Vocational Education and Training (VET) is an important element of the nation’s education initiative. In order for Vocational Education to play its part effectively in the changing national context and for I


Asked by Anuj

Oct 19

  • 2 Answers
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Yashvardhan answered 3 year(s) ago

pls send me class 6th PSA portions

are you a goan

Asked by Anuj

Nov 6

  • 1 Answer
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Kyathi asked 2 year(s) , 11 month(s) ago

ASL topic in english

No answers yet.Be the first to answer

Asked by Kyathi

Feb 7

  • 0 Answer
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