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What people are asking?

Asked by Ramesh R

Apr 18, 2015

What is the difference between horizontal and vertical power sharing?


The horizontal power sharing
Power is shared among different organs of government such as the legislature, executive and judiciary.
Organs of the government ...

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Asked by Arun J

Aug 19, 2014

What are the key features of Federalism?


  There are two or more levels  of government.

1.  Different tiers of government govern the same citizens, but each tier has its own...

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Asked by Harleen Kaur

Jun 26, 2014

pls answer it as a 3 or 5 marker!!!!

Power is shared among different organs of government as legislature, executive and judiciary.
Legislature: The legislature is concerned with passing the laws, contro...

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Asked by Archana Singh Solanki

Aug 27, 2014

Define Centre-State Relation

The Union government at the centre and the state governments at the periphery—each enjoying powers assigned to them.
The autonomy of the states is so adjusted with the centre that the latter can pe...

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Asked by Deepesh Bhakar

Nov 15, 2014

Define the term Federalism?

Federalism is a system of government in which the power is divided between a central authority and various constituent units of the country. Usually, a federation has two levels of government. One is the govern...

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Asked by Rashi Parwani

Jun 10, 2017

What is meant by the term Residuary Subject? State an example from each, a State and a Residuary Subject.What is meant by the term Residuary Subject? State an example from each, a State and a Residuary Subject.

The Union Government has the power to legislate on the residuary subjects. 

The constitution makers wanted to be so precise about the distribution of powers between the governments, that aft...

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Asked by Lovely

Jun 10, 2015

What is the importance of decentralisation in a democratic country. ?

Importance of decentralization in democratic countries are:
It helps in settlements of large number of problems and issues at the local level.
It provides a platform of direct participation of of ...

Answer (2)

Asked by Arun

May 11, 2015

why only USA,Switzerland,Australia are the examples of coming together fedralism?

The independent states which came together on their own to form a bigger unit so that they could increase their security, while maintaining their sovereignty are called the Coming ...

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Asked by Charishma

Aug 26, 2014

Name the different institutions of Panchayati Raj System in India?

1. Village Panchayat
2. Panchayat Samiti
3. Zilla Parishad

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Asked by Archana Singh Solanki

Aug 7, 2014

What is the Significance of Local Self Government?

1. In Local Self Government people can obtain their democratic rights.
2. power can be properly decentralized and every individual can get the scope to develop his or her personality fully and properly.<...

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