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What people are asking?

Asked by Aditya Agarwal

Dec 16, 2014

Why cheap and affordable cridet is crucial for our country development.

Cheap and affordable credit is crucial for the country's development due to the following factors:

More lending would lead to higher incomes and encourage people to invest in agriculture, engag...

Answer (1)

Asked by Kiran Gowda

Mar 8, 2015

Explain with an example, how credit plays a vital and positive role for development. 


Credit plays a crucial role in a country’s development. By sanctioning loans to developing industries and trade, banks provide them with the necessary aid for improvement.

Answer (3)

Asked by Devesh Vaishnao

Nov 23, 2014

What is Debt Trap?

A situation in which a debt is difficult or impossible to repay, typically because high interest payments prevent repayment of the principal.
An incentive structure that lures individuals in...

Answer (2)

Asked by Piyush chavan

Mar 4, 2015

What are the function of Reserve Bank Of India ?

Functions of RBI:

*RBI issues currency notes on behalf of the central govt.
*RBI supervises the func...

Answer (1)

Asked by Prabir mazumber

Mar 15, 2015

Why has the national manufacturing competitiveness council has been set up?

The National Manufacturing Competitiveness Council (NMCC) has been set with the objectives of improving productivity through proper policy interventions by the government and renew...

Answer (2)

Asked by Aditya Agarwal

Dec 28, 2014

Why demand deposits are considered as a form of money??

this is because we can withdraw money whenever we need and make payment from this

Answer (2)

Asked by Mahathi shastry

Nov 27, 2014

What is the definition of Barter System?

Barter is a system of exchange by which goods or services are directly exchanged for other goods or services without using a medium of exchange, such as money.

Answer (2)

Asked by Premwati Sharma

Feb 12, 2015

Explain loan activites of a Bank?

Banks provide loans for various economic activities.
The depositers deposit money in the bank and get interest.
Banks keep only a small propotions of the deposits with them as cash.

Answer (1)

Asked by Anil Bhaskarwar

Mar 10, 2015

How do banks play an important role in the economy of a country

A bank is an institution which accepts deposits from public for the purpose of lending and investment .

As the progress of business activity is...

Answer (2)

Asked by Premwati Sharma

Feb 12, 2015

Why are transactions made in money?

Money  is authorised by the govern...

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