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What people are asking?

Asked by Aditya D J

Nov 25, 2014

Industries can be classified into several groups:
On the Basis of Strength of Labour:

Large Scale Industry:

Industries which employ a large number...

Answer (1)

Asked by Neeraja Babu Babu

Mar 7, 2015

What is meant by agglomeration economies?


Industrial locations are influenced by availability of raw material, labour, capital, power and market, etc.
Manufacturing activity tends to locate at the most appr...

Answer (4)

Asked by Ayesha Hakeem

Mar 2, 2015

How can agriculture and industry go hand in hand? OR How  are  agriculture and industry interdependent?

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Answer (2)

Asked by Naveta Ravi

Mar 6, 2015

Agriculture and industries move hand in hand .Comment


Industrial sector provides the basic inputs to the agricultural sector such as tractor, harvesting machines, fertilisers are a few basic inputs that are used by the agricultural sector. W...

Answer (3)

Asked by Anuj A

Mar 8, 2015

''textile indstry in india is self reliant and complete in value chain . justify this statement with three justified points


Textile indus...

Answer (3)

Asked by Jamila Naya

Mar 6, 2015

What is the contribution of industry to national economy?


The process of production of goods in large number by using machines is called manufacturing.
Manufacturing industries help in modernizing agriculture.

Answer (2)

Asked by Navya agarwal

May 13, 2014

Why percapita consumption of steel is low in India?


The per capita consumption of steel is low in India due to following reasons:

  1. Poor infrastructure
  2. Nearly ¾ of India...

Answer (4)

Asked by S Krishnaveni

Mar 10, 2016

Describe the reason for concentration of jute industries in hugli basin.

Because Jute industry require large amount of water which is provided by hugli river
also raw materials like iron and coal easily available in nearby reason

Answer (2)

Asked by Shaik syed ahmed

Feb 13, 2015

How urbanisation and industrialisation go hand in hand?


Cities provide markets and also provide services such as banking, insurance, transport, labour, consultants and financial advice, etc. to the industry.
Many industries tend to come toge...

Answer (3)

Asked by Ishita Gupta

Mar 9, 2015

Which industry uses limestone as a raw material?


Limestone is used in the manufacturing of cement. 

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