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What people are asking?

Asked by Aditya Agarwal

Feb 17, 2015

write the chemical formula as well as structural formula of soaps and detergents 

Soaps are sodium or potassium  salts of long chain  carboxylic acids. The 

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Asked by Narasimha mn

Oct 7, 2013

Given a chemical test to distinguish between 

(i) Ethane and ethene (ii) Ethanol and ethanoic acid (iii) Soaps and Detergents 

(i) Ethane and ethene: 
Then,  addition of bromine water to both alkane and alkene. In which ever case colour changes that compound is ethene (alkene).
Ethane   :  CH₃ - ...

Answer (2)

Asked by Vaibhav

Jan 5, 2014

In electrolysis of water, why is the volume of gas collected over one electrode double the volume of gas collected over the other electrode?


4H + O2 = 2H2O Since atoms in hydrogen are souble rhan that of oxygen therefore volume of gas collected in one electrode is double than that in the other &...

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Asked by Narasimha mn

Oct 7, 2013

Write three difference between ethanol and ethanoic acid on the basis of 

chemical properties?

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Asked by Swathi Ambati

Jan 5, 2015

What is surgical spirit? Why it is used to clean cuts?

Surgical spirit is a solution of ethanol, methanol and some other ingredients.

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Asked by Nimat

Mar 4, 2014

How does the tendency to gain electrons change as we go down the 16thgroup of periodic table? Why?


    The tendency to gain electrons decreases as we go down the 16th group this happens because as we go down the atomic size of the element incre...

Answer (15)

Asked by Jayasree Saravanan

Dec 6, 2014

What is hydrocarbon ? explain.
Write 5 difference between saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbon .

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Asked by Satyanarayana Prasad

Jan 7, 2015

What is power alcohol? How it is differ from absolute alcohol?


Mixture of alcohol and petrol in 20: 80 ratio is called power alcohol.In general it is used in stoves ...

Answer (2)

Asked by Priya

Oct 19, 2013

is there any difference between valency and valence electrons?


Yes. Valancy of an element is the combining capacity. Valance electrons are the number of electrons present in the last shell or energy level of an atom. &...

Answer (6)

Asked by Manikya Sinha

Nov 28, 2010

define estrification with an example ?

Define esterification with an example?

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