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What people are asking?

Asked by Aditya Ponia

Sep 6, 2014

Notice writing on sports day



Answer (4)

Asked by Kumar

Feb 17, 2016

How many kind of gender is there in noun

Answer (1)

Asked by Swetha

Jun 6, 2014

How to change a declarative  sentence into  an interrogative sentence?

TO change a declarative sentence into an interrogative sentence, first look for the verb in the given declarative  sentence. Next, shift the verb(usually in the beginning ) before  the subject as show...

Answer (1)

Asked by Anand Iyer

Jan 18, 2015

essay on ill treatment of animals

illtreatment of animals, also called 

Answer (3)

Asked by Swetha

May 27, 2014

What are the rules to change a direct interrogative sentence to indirect interrogative ?

For changing interrogative (question) sentence into indirect speech we have to observe the nature of question and then change it into indirect speech according to it rules for indirect speech. A question can be...

Answer (1)

Asked by Swetha

Jul 25, 2014

Choose the correct article in each sentence.

1) Did you bring                      (a, an, the) umbrella?

2) Can I have                      (a, an, the) spoon please?

3) She will come back in                      (a, an, the) hour.

4) Have you been to                      (a, an, the) Space Needle Tower in Seattle?

5) I would love to talk to one of                      (a, an, the) managers.

6) What                      (a, an, the) amazing view!

1) an
2) a
3) an
4) the
5) the
6) an

Answer (3)

Asked by Pk Dash

May 20, 2015

what is the abstract noun of young

Youth will be the abstract noun of young.

Answer (4)

Asked by Priyanshi Mishra

Sep 7, 2014

A essay on "an unforgettable moment in my life" pls i want it urgently 

The question is to be answered on the basis of your own understanding experience and thoughts . My most memorable moments was in my school days. While I was studying in class VII I got a prize .on debate

Answer (2)

Asked by Sugirtha

Sep 9, 2014


The subject of a sentence is the object, person,...

Answer (1)

Asked by Swetha

May 27, 2014

Is present tense used to denote  universal  truth ?

Yes, the present simple tense is used for universal truth or laws of nature, for example: Bees make honey. Water boils at 100 degrees celsius. Rice does not grow in cold climate. It rarely rains in desert...

Answer (2)