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Asked by Bhuvaneswary Patel

Sep 11, 2014

Give more exercises on edition and omission


1.Edit the passage underlining the mistake present in every line by writing the correct word in the blank space.

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Asked by Bhuvaneswary Patel

Sep 11, 2014

Rules of edition and omission grammar


    There are no specific rules for  the Edition and omission.However,you should have a strong foundation in certain areas of gramma...

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Asked by Anushka Gupta

Sep 16, 2014

can you please explain me the rules of active and passive voice ? please,fast it's urgent . tommorrow is my sa -1 of eglish

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Answer (2)

Asked by Somesh Guntur

Jul 10, 2014

a) you have found a geometary box in scchool play ground .write a notice to put on in your notice board and how the owner can retrive it from you.
b) your school is organizing  a childrens fair on teachers day. as the school prefect towrite a notice to inform students about the fair and how they can partiacepate in it .

NOTICE .B.V.M. GIRINAGER 13/7/2015 Our school is organizing children's fair at teachers day.From 8am to 5pm who all interested can give there names to respected class teachers before 3sep Principal

Answer (3)

Asked by Mehak Munjal

Nov 16, 2014

A short speech on robots

Note: This question is to be answered on the basis of your ow...

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Asked by Swetha

Jan 17, 2015

Find  the missing word in the following paragraphs and write it in the blanks provided.They are four missing words in the paragraph.

Lemon are small size. They                                             (a)______________
have many qualities are used                                           (b)______________
as agents add a particular taste                                       (c)______________
They are also source of several                                        (d)______________
other benefits.

a)small ''in'' size
b)qualities ''and'' are
c)agents "which'' add 
d)also''a'' source

Answer (2)

Asked by Megha

Jul 17, 2014


Step 1: Draw a box.
Step 2: Write the name of the organisation/school in caps in the Middle.
Step 3: Write "NOTICE" in te centre of the 2nd line in caps.
Step 4: Write the date when...

Answer (2)

Asked by Piyush Kumar

Oct 8, 2014

You are head boy  of your school . the school arranged a seminar on go green . write a report in about 120 words for the school newspaper.

Note: This question is to be answered on the basis of your own understanding, experience and thoughts. It is strongly recommended that you prepare the solution on your own. However, some pointers have

Answer (1)

Asked by Punit

Aug 21, 2015

Application for leave

Answer (1)

Asked by Mariyam Khan

Sep 15, 2015

Can u give me question and ansers of literature the lesson is SEVENTEEN QRANGES.

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