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What people are asking?

Asked by Trisha SHARMA

Nov 25, 2014

What is Universal Adult Franchise?


Universal Adult Franchise means that the right to vote should be given to all adult citizens without the discrimination of caste, class, colour, religion or gen...

Answer (4)

Asked by Ritik Ranjan

Feb 28, 2015

Why we need election.

People can elect the right candidates who are eligible and who can run the country and who are eligible to solve their issues.this is the reason reason we need elections.

Answer (5)

Asked by Perminder

Jan 4, 2015

What do you mean by free and fair elections

Free and fair elections refers to those elections which are not based on any political torture.It happen in a democratic and social way in which everybody have the right to choose their representatives accordin...

Answer (2)

Asked by Tanvi Sharma

Aug 5, 2014

merits and demerites of democracy

Advantages of Democracy

Democracy is considered to be the best form of government these days. Most of the countries in the world have adopted it. The following arguments have been given in favour...

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Asked by Pranesh Rao

Dec 29, 2014

Describe the election procedure in India

1.Preparation of voter 's list
In a democratic election, the list of those who are eligible to vote is prepared much before the election and given to everyone.this list is officially called the Elect...

Answer (1)

Asked by Udham Singh

Feb 14, 2015

What is the need for political institution?

We need the political institutions for the following purposes:

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Asked by H b vijaya kumar

Mar 23, 2015

What are the cluster of rights?

The right to freedom is a cluster of many freedoms like
Freedom of speech and expression, which enable an individual to participate in public activities.

Answer (1)

Asked by Tanvi Sharma

Mar 1, 2015

What are the powers of the President of India?

The powers of the president are: The Legislative powers, The Executive powers, The Financial powers...

Answer (1)

Asked by Tanvi Sharma

Mar 1, 2015

What are the Emergency Powers of the President of India?

During the times of emergency in the Indian Union the President is vested with special powers and he also becomes the real head of the...

Answer (1)

Asked by Miss Mrunal Thombare

Mar 8, 2015

Is it good to have political competition?

Our Constitution makers opted for free competition in elections as the way to select our future leaders.

They did so because this system works ...

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