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What people are asking?

Asked by Ritik Ranjan

Feb 28, 2015

Why we need election.

People can elect the right candidates who are eligible and who can run the country and who are eligible to solve their issues.this is the reason reason we need elections.

Answer (5)

Asked by Perminder

Jan 4, 2015

What do you mean by free and fair elections

Free and fair elections refers to those elections which are not based on any political torture.It happen in a democratic and social way in which everybody have the right to choose their representatives accordin...

Answer (2)

Asked by Pranesh Rao

Dec 29, 2014

Describe the election procedure in India

1.Preparation of voter 's list
In a democratic election, the list of those who are eligible to vote is prepared much before the election and given to everyone.this list is officially called the Elect...

Answer (1)

Asked by Miss Mrunal Thombare

Mar 8, 2015

Is it good to have political competition?

Our Constitution makers opted for free competition in elections as the way to select our future leaders.

They did so because this system works ...

Answer (4)

Asked by Adithyan Sanal

Mar 22, 2015

 How does the Election Commission of India regulate campaigns of political parties and candidates to ensure fair and equal chances to compete?

The Election Commission of India is an independent and a powerful body.

It has power to implement code of conduct and punish any party who viol...

Answer (1)

Asked by Ritik Ranjan

Mar 3, 2015

On most matters lok Sabha exercises supreme power-- Explain.

The Lok Sabha is directly elected representatives of the people and enjoys real power on behalf of the people.

In money matters Lok Sabha is supreme as Rajya Sabha can only delay a money bill for 1...

Answer (1)

Asked by NextGurukul Guest User

Sep 12, 2017

what is electoral constituencies ?


An electoral constituency is a territorial subdivision for electing members to a legislative body. Generally, only voters who reside within the district are permitted to vote in an electi...

Answer (1)

Asked by Anoop hegde

Feb 17, 2015

What are the various limitations and challenges of Indian elections ?

The limitations and challenges of having free and fair elections in India:
Candidates and parties with a lot of money may not be sure of their victory but they do enjoy a big and unfair adva...

Answer (1)

Asked by Adithyan Sanal

Mar 22, 2015

"Rights are necessary for the very sustenance of a democracy". Give any three arguments to support the statement. 

Rights are essential in a democracy because:

Every citizen has the right to vote and the right to participate or contest in the elections to fo...

Answer (1)

Asked by Mehul

May 26, 2014

What is universal adult franchise?


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