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Asked by Sagar

May 12, 2019

Impact of electricity on palampur


Answer (1)

Write about non farming activity in palampur


Answer (1)

How is land distributed among the farmers of PalampurHow is land distributed among the farmers of Palampur


Answer (2)

What are the positive and negative aspects of green revolution


Positive impacts of the Green Revolution are as follows:
1. The use of High Yield Variety seeds led to a substantial increase in the agricultural produce which helped our country i...

Answer (2)

the capital needed in farming


Answer (1)

Where Palampur is situated

Answer:-Palampur is a

Answer (1)

Different type of activity in palampur

Answer:-Farming is the main activity in Palampur Village whereas several other activities...

Answer (1)

describe the requirements of production of goods and services

Answer:-The four

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Factor of production in sequence

Answer:-Factors of production is an

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what are merit and demerit of green revolution

Answer:-The spread of

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