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What people are asking?

Asked by Himanshu

Sep 20, 2013

What is difference between 'g' and 'G'


g is the gravitational force exerted by any planet. For earth it's 9.8m/s2. G can be g but g cannot be G.

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Asked by Neeraj V Namboothiri

Feb 1, 2015

What are the applications of Archimedes' principle?

There are many applications of Archimedes Principle , some of them are:- It is used in designing ships and submarines It is used to find the purity of gold It is used in lactometers for determining the density ...

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Asked by Perminder

Oct 31, 2014

How to calculate zero error and least count of spring balance


Least count of a measuring instrument is the least value of physical quantity that can be measured accurately using the instrument.

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Asked by Chandan Kumar

Sep 27, 2014

what is the relation between g and G ?

    F = ma...............1
F = G*M*m/d2......2
By 1 and 2
ma = G*M*m/d2
On upward or downward motion under the infl...

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Asked by Pradyumna

Mar 10, 2014

Please give me examples of prativedan in hindi please.................


Prativedan means report

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Asked by Adithyan Sanal

Feb 4, 2015

State Archimedes  principle and its two applications?


    Archimedes principle indicates that the upward buoyant force that is exerted on a body immersed in a fluid whether fully or partially submerg...

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Asked by Prasun Dutta

Sep 13, 2014

What is the difference between G and g?

G stands for Newton's universal gravitational constant, whereas g stands for the acceleration due to gravity at a certain point.
G = 

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Asked by Parthiban sarvesh vishnu

Dec 11, 2014

Why is it that an iron nail sinks whereas a ship floats in water? Please explain.

As the density of an iron nail is more than that of water, the nail sinks in water. This is understandable. But a huge ship made of iron floats. This is because of its shape. A ship is hollow in the middle. Whe...

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Asked by Krishna yadav

Jul 15, 2013

What is difference between mass & weight 

This answer has an image. Please click on the question to read more.

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Asked by Harsh

Sep 22, 2013

Proof that value of 'g' at centre of the earth is zero

Answer: Acceleration due to the earth's gravity is zero at the centre of the Earth because at that point the mass of the earth is equally distributed in all directions, so pulling equally i...

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