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What people are asking?

Asked by Pranesh Rao

Dec 24, 2014

Derive the  expression for the following:
a] kinetic energy
b] potential energy



Answer (3)

Asked by Milan

Feb 6, 2014

Calculate the work required to be done to stop a car of 1500 kg moving at a velocity of 60 km/h?

mass=1500 kg

Answer (7)

Asked by Madhusudhan rathi

Mar 12, 2014

 Derive f the equation for kinetic energy?
 Derive f the equation K.E = ½ m v 2

Expression for  Kinetic energy(E

Answer (3)

Asked by Abhishek

Feb 28, 2014

A bullet fired into a fixed target loses half of its velocity after penetrating 3cm. How much futher it will penetrating before coming to rest assuming that it faces constant resistance to motion.

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Answer (1)

Asked by Rushin Naik

Feb 17, 2015

1. What is work done by a coolie walking on level road with load on his head?
2. Why is work done zero when, the direction of displacement and the direction of force on a body are perpendicular to each other?

1. Work done by a coolie, walking on level road with load on his head, 

Answer (2)

Asked by Varunkumar Medi

Jan 2, 2014

what are three characteristics of sound waves ? On what factors do they depend .


i) Pitch depends on the frequency of the sound waves produced by the source.
(ii) Quality (or Timbre) of the sound depends on wave form.

Answer (2)

Asked by Trisha Sharma

Feb 18, 2016

wht is commercial unit of energy ? wht is its use??? relate with SI unit of energy


Commercial Unit of Energy. The SI unit joule is too small to express very large quantities of energy. Hence we use a bigger unit called kilowatt hour (kWh) to express energy. 1 kWh is the...

Answer (3)

Asked by Nipunn verma

Oct 14, 2013

Is Potential energy a vector quantity or scalar?

Its a scalar quantity

Answer (8)

Asked by Ayushi

Mar 15, 2014



1) a force is applied on the object

2)there is a displacement in the direction of the force of the object

Answer (4)