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What people are asking?

Asked by Nilabhro

Sep 29, 2013

IF X + 1/X=3 THEN X4 + X4= ?

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Answer (1)

Asked by Harish Uthaya kumar

May 5, 2014

ax+by=c            and ay+bx=c+1        find the value of x and y

Given equations are  ax+by = c  --------------(1)  and  ay+bx = c+1  --------------(2)
multiply  equation (1) by 'b' and  equation (2)  by 'a' we g...

Answer (2)

Asked by Shreyash

Dec 24, 2013

Heena has only Rs2 and Rs5 coins in her purse. If in all she has 80 coins in her purse amounting to Rs232, Find the number of Rs5 coins.


Given total number of coins = 80
Let the number of Rs 2 coins be x
Therefore number of Rs 5 coins = (80 – x)
Total amount in the purse = R...

Answer (2)

Asked by Jiya

Jan 17, 2014



volume of wood=84*75*64
dimensions of inner wood because to cal...

Answer (2)

Asked by Mihir Sharma

Dec 16, 2012

A cuboidal tank has a length of 30cm, a breadth of 20cm and a height of 20cm.The tank is placed on a horizontal table and it is three-quarters full of water. Find the area of the tank which is in contact with water.


    Height of tank in contact with water=3/4*20=15cm
Area of four walls of tank in contact with water=2(l b)*h=2(30 20)*15=2*50*15=1500 sq...

Answer (3)

Asked by Shreyash

Dec 23, 2013

A purse contains Rs550 in notes of denominations of  Rs10 and Rs50. If the number of Rs50 notes is Rs1 less than that of  Rs10 notes,then find the number of  Rs50 notes?

let,no.of Rs10 note be X so,no. of Rs50 note=X-1 value of 10RS note=X*10=10X value of Rs50 note=50(X-1)=50X-50 so, 10X+50X-50=550 60X-50=550 60X=550+50 60X=600 x=600/60=10 no of Rs10 note=10 so no of Rs...

Answer (1)

Asked by Sakshi mahesh

Jan 26, 2015

convert 10m/s into km/h


Answer (4)

Asked by Anita

Feb 24, 2014

where the sets and venn diagrams are useful in real life and please mention some which are relevant to my class 7th icsc syllabus

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Answer (1)

Asked by Aniruddha Chatterjee

Jul 20, 2013

Four ribbons measuring 14m, 18m, 22m and 26m respectively are to be cut into pieces of equal length.

i) Find what least number of pieces that can be obtained.

ii) What is the length of each piece?


Answer (2)

Asked by Arijeet Mukhopadhyay

May 13, 2015

What are alpha, beta and gamma?

Alpha, beta and gamma are the Greek letters used in mathematics to denote the constant values such as the roots of polynomials.

Answer (1)