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What people are asking?

Asked by Ankit kumar

Aug 30, 2014

Is it possible to get 10 cgpa in class 10 board exam if My grade in FA1 nad FA2 exam (excludeing project, oral test and other activities) are :-
FA1 - A2, A1, B1, A2, A2
FA2 - A1, A1, A1, A2, A2

No. others are equally important

Answer (49)

Asked by Navdeep Dhingra

Sep 24, 2014

WHat is the full form of ATP . ( Cell Chapter )

ATP stands for Adenosine triposphate. It is also known as energy currency of a ce ll.the energy is conserved in mictochondria in the form of ATP molecules.

Answer (14)

Asked by Rejitha Krishnan RG

Sep 23, 2014

if 9th term of an AP is zero ,prove that its 29th term is double the 19th term

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Answer (2)

Asked by Satvik

Jun 22, 2015

Summary of the novel 3 men in a boat chapter wise 1-10

The chapterwise summary is given at the end of each chapter.refer

Answer (7)

Asked by Gaurav Teharpuria

Oct 7, 2014

Guys pls suggest me a good topic for my ASL speaking test of 1 min.


��� Culture,tradition,sports are the topics that are of great attraction for good score.

Answer (16)

Asked by Amaira Singh

Oct 13, 2014

Can I get an overall CGPA 10 if I got CGPA 8.4 in SA1? Please help, its important.?
Is there any chance of getting CGPA 9,8 atleast if I secure A1 in all subjects in Sa2. 
Please include one upgradation.

sorry for saying that u can't because if u vl score a+/a1 in all subjects then also u vl get only 9.2-9.6 CGPA only. So try to score more and more marks.

Answer (10)

Asked by Abhilasha Kaundinya

Jan 9, 2015

I want a ICSE CLASS 10 PROJECT TOPIC for MERCHANT OF VENICE which has to be very unique.Please...........................any one help as soon as possible.Its URGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Character description of all the Characters  
Importance of Casket Scene    
Trial Scene Summary

Answer (2)

Asked by Rejitha Krishnan RG

Oct 3, 2014

In how many different ways the letters of the word ALGEBRA  can be arranged in a row if
a) If the two A's are together?
b) If the two A's are not together?

In a word ALGEBRA  have 2 A's and 5 different letters are there.

1) Two A's will take 1 unit and 5 letters will take 5 units then total number units = 6.


Answer (1)

Asked by Rejitha Krishnan RG

Oct 3, 2014

In how many  ways can 9 examination papers can pe arranged so that the best and worst papers are never together?

Total number of arrangements that can be made in 9 papers = 9! Ways.

Let the Best and Worst paper together as one unit and remaining 7 can be 7 units.These can be arranged amongst the...

Answer (1)

Asked by Shikhaa

Jul 31, 2014


its also my problem make it sure that your strong in all formulas

Answer (93)