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What people are asking?

Asked by Theresa Joshy

Jul 31, 2014

how to be a best student of the class????


��� It can be done by mutiple things:
Aware at the time of lecturers
Good behaviour toward teachers and students
Be ho...

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Asked by Uditi Uday

Aug 12, 2014

How to give ASL exam ?

if we are good in handling language, then it will be more easy for us to face ASL

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Asked by Gaurav Teharpuria

Aug 21, 2014

What is the syllacbus of MacMillian IAIS Exam...
How to get prepared????

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Asked by Prachi Sharma

Sep 11, 2014

Hello! I'm a student of class 10th and I want to take commerce in 11th grade but my maths is average. So should I take commerce with maths or without maths? (please don't recommend to take any other stream instead.) also if i opt for hotel management what subjects should i choose in 11th and 12th grade?

Prachi I suggest u to don't opt. maths with commerce to get good marks
(but if u score good marks in maths in 10th SA2  then i suggest u opt it as it would be beneficial in future...)<...

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Asked by M rahul Teja

Jul 26, 2014


solve atleast 20 problems a day and get the doubts cleared by the teacher by the very next day.

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Asked by Monali vilas

Jun 25, 2015

What is the importance of pole star??

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Asked by Akshay Jyothis

Oct 3, 2015

Asl on environment

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Asked by Shubham Kumar

Oct 5, 2014

When we boil the Milk they fall down but water is not fall down when we boil it.WHY?

Milk is a colloid. The composition of milk is different from water.
Milk contains proteins ,sugars and fats in suspended form. and it has large amount of water.
When milk is heated the proteins an...

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Asked by Astha

Jul 20, 2014



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Asked by Amarnathreddy M

Dec 18, 2014

What do you mean by discipline?

In its natural sense, discipline is systematic instruction intended to train a person, sometimes literally.

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