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What people are asking?

Asked by Biswajit Chhatoi

Oct 9, 2014

What is the theme of the story "The man who knew too much."

The theme is that we should not show off our knowledge to every one provide only when they ask you they may feel bad and insulted that they dont know it.

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Asked by Akash

Aug 27, 2015

X ki power 4 +2x ki power 2 +9 Solve this problem

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Asked by Himanshu pratap Singh

Aug 30, 2014

why noble metal are used to make jewellery?

Noble Metals are not reactive. They will not react with any metal. So this is the reason

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Asked by Nikhilesh Varma

Jul 29, 2014

Hi friends dont time pass like watching T.V,playing computer games,etc.Do work hard like studing till 5:00p.m-1:00a.m in midil do little bit meditation takerelax.Be good like help your parents and grandparents,help other poor people.So,you can be good boy and get good value,great name &,etc[THANK Q]⋈


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Asked by Haseeb

Jan 12, 2015

Find five rational numbers between. i) 2/3and4/5 ii)-3/2and5/3 iii)1/4and1/2

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Asked by Vinodhini Kolli

Sep 23, 2014

I got my learnnext cd. i got 2 product keys in social science & english and both are not being activated. is this product key very important. 

yes, these are...
I suggest u to call on the Learn next helpline... they will surely help u...

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Asked by Aparna r Jayan

Aug 18, 2014

how to crack the NTSE exam level 1 ????
what to concentrate more for level 1 ???
is it simple???? 

~It has 3 parts:
 1. Language based question
 2.  Qualitative ques.
 3.  Quantitative ques.

It's very simple...

Just use ur coomon...

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Asked by Biswajit Chhatoi

Aug 12, 2014

How to secure good marks in PSA examination.

Read thorouly all the books and practise all exercises .

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