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Asked by Sunny Mathew

Sep 16, 2014

Hybrisation of central atom in XeF4

what is the hybrisation of central atom in XeF4?



Swathi Ambati

Member since Apr 28, 2014

The central atom in XeF4 is Xenon. It undergoes sp3d2
The electronic configuration of Xenon atom in ground state is 5s2  5p6 5d0

The electronic configuration of Xenon atom in first excited state is 5s2  5p5 5d1
The electronic configuration of Xenon atom in second excited state is 5s2  5p4 5d2

Xenon in the Second excited state undergo sp3d2  hybridization and forms 6 sp3d2  hybridized orbital's. out of  6 sp3d2  hybridized orbital's 2 are completely filled orbital's which can participate in bonding. remaining 4 half filled orbitals participate in bonding with 4 Fluorine atoms. The geometry of XeF4 is square planar.
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