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Jul 28, 2014

1)write differences between root cap and root pocket with examples. differntiate between Bracteate and Ebracteate with diagram.

1)write differences between root cap  and root pocket with examples. 

differntiate between Bracteate and Ebracteate with diagram.



Aruna kavitha Singupilla

*Root cap otherwise called as calyptra is a loose mass of epidermal cells covering the apex of the root. It protects the smooth tip of the growing root giving it mechanical strength to penetrate the soil.  
*Root pockets are also the root caps present in hydrophytes. The only difference between a root cap and a root pocket is that root pockets have the lost the protective function due to non-use as roots in hydrophytes are free floating. They need not penetrate the hard soil. Root pockets do not have the ability to regenerate. Root pockets are present in aquatic plants like Pistia,   Water hyacinth etc.

*Bracts are a type of foliage that grows around an inflorescence to protect it. Though they are specialized scaly leaves, they do not assist the plant in photosynthesis. Sometimes, they help in pollinating the flower by attracting insects. Flowers which possess these bracts are called as bracteate flowers and those which do not possess them are ebracteate flowers.
  Bracteate- Adathoda vesica                  Ebracteate- Solanum                                               
Brateate - Adathoda vesica                                     
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