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Asked by Ritambhara

Nov 6, 2014

Difference between luminous and non-luminous flame

Difference between luminous and non-luminous flame.



Satyanarayana Prasad

Member since Apr 24, 2013

Ans: Substances which vaporize during burning gives flame.
The substance which does not vaporize during burning does not produce flame.
Flame is of two types.
1.      Luminous flame
2.      Non-luminous flame.
(1). Luminous flame: A luminous flame is a bright yellow flame which gives of light.
(2). Non-luminous flame: A non-luminous flame does glow as bright as luminous flame.
It undergoes complete oxidation, so it gets much hot (high temperature) than luminous flame.

Jyoti nigam

Member since

A blue colored flame which produces very little light is called nonlunminous flame. In other words when a fuel undergoes complete combustion it is non luminous flame.
A yeelow flame which produces heat and light is called luminous flame.In this the fuel undegoes partial combustion.
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